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Can the use of social media in business really impact your bottom line?

More and more people are proving how little effort it takes… and how effective it can be for stronger lead generation and an impressive impact on sales. It’s no longer a question of how, but when. When will you start taking advantage of the opportunity or when will you be left behind as others surge ahead? The how is right here at meersocial!


Here’s an example what others are saying about social media and sales success… – Study: 78% Of Salespeople Using Social Media Outsell Their Peers




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  • Can’t find an answer to a burning social media question or topic? Ask meersocial!



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By signing up to either membership you are not tied to any contract. meersocial was built to create ongoing value as the world of social media continues to change. Members can always benefit from fresh training or idea generating content, however, you can stop your membership at anytime!

**13% HST will be applied additionally to Ontario residents payments.

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Our Commitment & Guarantee


Meersocial Founders

Meersocial Founders
Jeff Horst, David Tubbs, Matt Martin

Social Media has evolved the way we effectively do business with others. It has changed the way we connect, relate and build trust.  But since all new things can seem overwhelming, meersocial was created to help people cross that bridge of uncertainty, and to have FUN doing it.

Social media isn’t going to disappear, so we’re here to hold your hand across the bridge. To show you how the bridge isn’t as long as you think and the chasm below isn’t as deep or dangerous as your fears have led you to believe. And yes, what’s waiting on the other side is well worth the short walk.

If you are open to learning and can set aside just 2 hours a week for three months, you will be well on your way to comfortably using social media to meet your business goals. And believe it or not, the journey of learning to use social media THE RIGHT WAY is fun. We’re committed to proving that to you as you join the rest of us inside!


Refund Policy

If you are in sales or business development and you work through our curriculum in detail, we guarantee you will make at least twice as much as you spend in the first year from leads generated using social media – and will be on track to much more. If not, send us your completed worksheets from the curriculum and we will review them with you to see how we can help. If you are still unsatisfied after that phone call your first 12 monthly membership fees will be refunded upon request!






What To Expect: A Quick Peak Inside!


 has been live and groovin’ Since June 2013!

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Meersocial Launch Party Rooftop View

Meersocial Launch Party Rooftop View

Meersocial Launch Party Team Picture

Meersocial Launch Party Team Picture

Everyone having a good time

Everyone having a good time